Curriculum Vitae



Northwestern University (Evanston, IL): Currently attending

  • Screen Cultures

    • Advisor: Lynn Spigel
    • Committee: Lynn Spigel, Jeffrey Sconce, Domietta Torlasco

The University of Chicago (Chicago, IL): MA Humanities June 2015

  • Emphasis in Cinema & Media Studies
  • Thesis Title: Ernie Kovacs’ Silent Show: Performative Identities in Othered Masculinity

    • Advisor: Professor Jacqueline Stewart

The University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA): BA Cinema May 2005

  • Minor in Art History (emphasis in Gothic Architecture)
  • Honors Program, Dean’s List


  • An Unresolved Progression: The Young People’s Concerts and Postwar Taste Cultures
  • The Uncanny Films of Marjorie Keller
  • “When the anthropologist arrives, the gods depart”: Maya Deren in Haiti
  • Segments of Eternity: The Rhythms of Hollis Frampton’s Critical Mass
  • The Aesthetique du Cool: Miles Davis, France, and Performances of Black Masculinity
  • Resistant Knowledges: Pseudoscience, Fake News, and Ancient Aliens
  • Tender Souls: Political Correctness, Nostalgia and the Delegitimization of Critique
  • Dick Gregory and Activist Comedy


  • Expanded Minds, Expanded Television: Psychedelic Broadcasts of the 1970s Counterculture, SCMS Conference, Seattle, Washington, 3/14/2019
  • Videospace: Abstract Video on American Public Television, Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow, UK, 6/30/2018
  • Descartes in Videospace: Joanne Kyger and Abstract Video, Console-Ing Passions Conference, Bournemouth University, UK, 7/11/2018
  • Against ‘Iconic’: The American Cinematic Avant-Garde and the Kennedy Assassination Backward Glances: Mediating Resistance, Northwestern University 9/29/17
  • Ernie Kovacs’ Journey to the American Middlebrow MAPH Works in Progress Conference, University of Chicago 2/27/15


  • Cultural History of New Media (Spring 2018)
  • Independent Study: Irrational Ontology (Spring 2018)
  • Independent Study: Alternative Media (Winter 2018)
  • Race and Media Studies (Winter 2018)
  • Textual Analysis (Winter 2018)
  • Cultural History of Television (Autumn 2017)
  • Film Theory & Criticism (Autumn 2017)
  • Media and the Environment (Autumn 2017)
  • Modes of Cultural Analysis (Spring 2017)
  • Feminism and Media Culture (Spring 2017)
  • Media & Theories of Everyday Life (Spring 2017)
  • Visual Culture and Media (Winter 2017)
  • TV and Media Theory (Winter 2017)
  • Ethnographic Documentary (Winter 2017)
  • Race and Stardom (Autumn 2016)
  • Irrational Media (Autumn 2016)
  • Media Historiography (Autumn 2016)
  • Ernst Lubitsch: An International Style (Spring 2015)
  • Special Effects (Spring 2015)
  • Postwar American Avant-Garde Cinema (Winter 2015)
  • African-American Humor (Winter 2015)
  • Methods and Issues in Film Criticism (Autumn 2014)
  • The History and Theory of the Avant-Garde (Winter 2014)
  • Orson Welles (Autumn 2014)
  • Styles and Genres: Contemporary European Cinema (Spring 2004)
  • Styles and Genres: Film Noir (Autumn 2003)
  • Styles and Genres: Comedy (Autumn 2003)


The University of Chicago, Division of the Humanities (Chicago, IL) October 2015 to June 2016

  • Department Assistant (Classics, Linguistics, and South Asian Languages and Civilizations)
  • Updated and maintained departmental websites
  • Processed faculty expense reports
  • Designed and produced departmental signage

The University of Chicago, Division of the Humanities (Chicago, IL) July 2015 to October 2015
Media and Content Intern

  • Worked with the Senior Director of Programming to coordinate with Alumni Relations department on videos
  • Worked with the Communications Manager on organizing files and web documents